Adventure & Harmony in the Heart of the City

Koa Fifty-Two is a mixed-use property project located in Central on the corner of Gage Street and Aberdeen Street, consisting of two fully-furnished duplex residences, a flexible commercial space, and a ground floor retail space ideal for specialty F&B brands.

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Koa Fifty-Two is many things: warmth, beautiful craftsmanship, and a sense of kinship in a crowded city.

At its heart, however, Koa Fifty-Two is about freedom. Freedom from the mundanities of city life. Freedom to engage all of one’s senses; to pursue adventures, discover harmony, and to spend time with those who matter most.

Much like our flagship projects in Hokkaido, Koa Fifty-Two draws its name from the beautiful wood native to the islands of Hawaii.

From ancient canoes that explored the Polynesian islands, to the first hand-carved alaia boards that carved through the waves, to the warm, resonant tones of the ukulele – Koa is synonymous with meticulous workmanship and an appreciation for natural beauty.